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1. Assessing resilience among medical teachers: A necessary steps in building more equipped medical reaching: A cross-sectional study. Krmakar B, Dasgupta D, Sinhababu S, Mukherjee SS. Journal of clinical & diagnostic research. 2023 Apr, Vol-17 (4): CC18-23

2.A study to assess changes in cortisol level & Heart Rate Variability (HRV) between fixed duty and shift duty health care providers in a tertiary care hospital - a cross-sectional study. Roy S, Gupta S, Mukherjee SS, Das M. Journal of clinical & diagnostic research. 2023 Mar, Vol-17 (3): CC06-12

3.Effect of Maternal Age and Anaemia on Auditory Brainstem Response of Preterm Infants in a Tertiary care Hospital of Kolkata, West Bengal:a Cross-sectional Study. Majumdar(Das) S, Bhattacharya H, Dasqupta MK; Jornal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research; November 2022:vol- 16,Issue-11,Page:CC01-CC07.

4.Wave V threshold among Children with Delayed Speech and Language, using Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry-a Cross sectional Study. Mondal T, Bhattacharya H, Majumdar(Das) S; National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology; June2023:13(6):1152-1157.

5.Determination of Effect of Yoga (Pranayama) in Terms of Several Lung Parameters and CAT Score on Mild to Moderate COPD Patients for Short Duration of Time (3months). Mitra S, Sen S, Kundu S: International Journal of Scientific Research; January2021:Vol-10,lssue-01:1-3


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Faculty Details

Image Name Department Designation Email ID Phone Address Publications Services
Dr Azizul Hai (MD Physiology) Physiology Professor & Head N/A - View
Dr. Suranjana Sur Mukherjee (MD Physiology) Physiology Professor N/A --
Dr. Anirban Mazumder Physiology Associate Professor N/A --
Dr Md Salim Uz Zaman (MD Physiology) Physiology Associate Professor N/A ViewView
Dr. Saugata Kr Bhattacharya, Dr. Hiya Bhattacharya Physiology Assistant Professor N/A --

Residents Details

Image Name Department Position Address Publications Services
Dr Sangita Ghosh (MBBS) Physiology Tutor/Demonstrator N/A - View
Dr Sovan Mitra (MD Physiology) Physiology Tutor/Demonstrator N/A ViewView

Non Teaching Staff

Image Name Department Position Address
Surindar Das Physiology N/A
Pradip Aich Physiology N/A
Mrs. Payel Chakraborty Physiology MT (Lab) N/A