Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College & Hospital (NRSMC&H)


List of PG students' for the year of 2016

Sr. No. Image Course Category Students' Name Validity
1 postgraduate DEBASMITA DWIBEDI Active
2 postgraduate SOURAV GHOSH Active
3 postgraduate RITABRATA MUKHOPADHYAY Active
4 postgraduate SHUVAYU BANDYOPADHYAY Active
5 postgraduate SUDIPTA NAYEK Active
6 postgraduate SADHAN BISWAS Active
7 M.D General Medicine postgraduate DEBAYAN DUTTA Active
8 postgraduate ALAPAN PAUL Active
9 postgraduate ARINDAM MITRA Active
10 postgraduate SUBHAM SINHA Active
11 postgraduate SOURAV MUKHERJEE Active
12 postgraduate LICHUMO T. MURRY Active
13 postgraduate RANA PRATAP MANDAL Active
14 postgraduate RAJ NARAYAN MUKHERJEE Active
15 postgraduate ANWESHA CHAKRABORTY Active
16 postgraduate BIKASH NASKAR Active
17 postgraduate SUMANA MANDAL Active
18 postgraduate SUMAN DE Active
19 postgraduate DEBADITYA PURKAIT Active
20 postgraduate SOURAV GHOSH Active
21 postgraduate PALASH BISWAS Active
22 MS Gynae & Obstetrics postgraduate A.H. Mostafa Kamal Active
23 postgraduate BISWANATH SAREN Active
24 postgraduate BINOY SARKAR Active
25 M.D Pathology postgraduate Nabanita Barma Active
26 postgraduate ABHISHEK MALLICK Active
27 postgraduate KUMARI SMRITI Active
28 postgraduate NIHAR CHANDRA MUDI Active
29 M.D Pathology postgraduate UJJWAL GHOSH Active
30 postgraduate PARAMITA NANDI Active
31 MS General Surgery postgraduate Shyam Sundar Sarkar Active
32 postgraduate VIKRAM HALDER Active
33 postgraduate ARINDAM BASU Active
34 MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology postgraduate Madhumanti Basu Active
35 postgraduate ARPITA KAYET Active
36 M.D Pathology postgraduate Triparna Ghosh Active
37 M.D Psychiatry postgraduate PIYALI GHOSH Active
38 postgraduate GOLAM MOMIT Active
39 postgraduate ABHISHEK NASKAR Active
40 postgraduate PROTHOMA DEY Active
41 M D Pathology postgraduate Pallavi Majumdar Active
42 postgraduate PRATHIKSHA K. Active
43 postgraduate RAHUL MALIK Active
44 postgraduate STUTI CHAKRABORTY Active
45 postgraduate ARITRO NANDI Active
46 MD Dermatology (DVL) postgraduate Sumedh Khandare Active
47 postgraduate RAGINI MARAVI Active
48 postgraduate PARTHA PRATIM MONDAL Active
49 postgraduate ARUNAVA MITRA Active
50 postgraduate ABHISHEK MAJHI Active
51 postgraduate SOMNATH GHOSH Active
52 postgraduate KRISHNAKANT SOREN Active
53 postgraduate RAJESH SARKAR Active
54 postgraduate SWARNENDU BISWAS Active
56 postgraduate BISWARUP BANERJEE Active
57 postgraduate SUCHITA CHOWDHURY Active
58 postgraduate BISWANATH SARDAR Active
59 postgraduate SUDAKSHINA PANJA Active
60 postgraduate ARINDAM DEY Active
61 postgraduate SIDDHARTHA BISWAS Active
62 postgraduate SUPRIYO KAITY Active
63 postgraduate SANGHITA ROY Active
64 postgraduate ANAND SHANKAR Active
65 postgraduate RUPAM DATTA Active
66 postgraduate KUMARJIT SARKAR Active
67 M D Pathology postgraduate Bidisha Chakraborty Active
68 postgraduate SANJIT PRASAD Active
69 MD General Medicine postgraduate Soumyasil Das Active
70 postgraduate DEBASISH MONDAL Active
71 postgraduate SIDDHARTH CHAKRABORTY Active
72 postgraduate ARPITA MANDAL Active
73 postgraduate SMRITI CHOUDHARY Active
74 postgraduate MONOJ DAS Active
75 MD Forensic Medicine postgraduate Dr. Joydeep Khan Active
76 postgraduate SANJIT BISWAS Active