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Publications (0ct 2021 to Sept 2022)

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Faculty Details

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Image Name Department Designation Email ID Phone Address Publications Services
Dr Arun Achar (MBBS,MD, DNB) Dermatology Professor & Head N/A ViewView
Dr. Rubiya Sarkar Dermatology Medical Officer N/A --
Dr. Aparesh Patra Dermatology Professor N/A --
Dr Suchibrata Das (MBBS, MD) Dermatology Associate Professor N/A ViewView
Dr Kingshuk Chatterjee Dermatology Associate Professor N/A --

Residents Details

Image Name Department Position Address Publications Services
Dr Arindam Sett (MBBS,MD) Dermatology Senior Resident/ RMO N/A - View
Dr Snuhi Bhuiya Dermatology Senior Resident N/A --
Dr. Kaushiki Hajra Dermatology Senior Resident N/A --
Dr. Soumyo Kanti Dutta Dermatology Senior Resident N/A --
Dr. Oindrila Duta, Dr. Benazir Hakim, Dr. Madhabendra Nath Sarkar Dermatology Post Graduate Trainees (3rd Year) N/A --
Dr. Chinmoy Bera, Dr. Soumi Biswas, DrAdityendu Chakroborty Dermatology Post Graduate Trainees (2nd Year) N/A --
Dr. Mahasweta Ghosh, Dr. Monika Kumari Dermatology Post Graduate Trainees (1st Year) N/A --

Non Teaching Staff

Image Name Department Position Address
Monika Modak Dermatology Nursing Staff N/A
Suparna Dey (UDG) Dermatology Clerk N/A
Raghubir Das, Archana Nandi Dermatology GDA N/A