Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College & Hospital (NRSMC&H)


List of UG students' for the year of 2019

Sr. No. Image Course Category Students' Name Validity
1 undergraduate MD SAJIB ALI Active
2 undergraduate SUBHASH PAUL Active
3 undergraduate MD ARIF BILLAH SHAIKH Active
4 undergraduate cvhnb ghhnb Active
5 undergraduate SMRITI TAMANG Active
6 undergraduate SOUMIK MANDAL Active
7 undergraduate RHYTHM PRASAD Active
8 undergraduate PRAGATI PRADHAN Active
9 undergraduate DEBBANI PATRA Active
10 undergraduate Debmalya Das Active
11 undergraduate ABDUL MONTAKIM Active
12 undergraduate GHAZALA YASMEEN Active
13 undergraduate ROHIT DE Active
14 undergraduate DIPANKAR SADHU Active
15 undergraduate VISHAL DEBNATH Active
16 undergraduate Md Dalu Sk Active
17 undergraduate SAUGUN BESRA Active
18 undergraduate DEBDUT SARKAR Active
19 undergraduate Subrata Sarkar Active
20 undergraduate Sagarnil Dad Active
21 undergraduate SHOUVIK SARKAR Active
22 undergraduate Jarjis Ahamef Active
23 undergraduate minzing sherpa Active
24 undergraduate UPAMANYU NAG Active
25 undergraduate SUPRADIP PURKAIT Active
26 undergraduate Tamojyoti Mistri Active
27 undergraduate SAHIL LASKAR Active
28 undergraduate PLABAN PAUL Active
29 undergraduate SUMAN GORAI Active
30 undergraduate ADITI PRAMANIK Active
31 undergraduate SUTAPA MITRA Active
32 undergraduate Bharat Tunwal Active
33 undergraduate RAUNAK JINDAL Active
34 undergraduate AISHWARYA POLLEY Active
35 undergraduate PARAMITA BASAK Active
36 undergraduate MD ADIL RAZA Active
37 undergraduate SARIFUL ISLAM Active
38 undergraduate MANOYAR HOSSAIN MUNNA Active
39 undergraduate Rajosree Saha Active
40 undergraduate RAJESWARI DAS Active
41 undergraduate MILAN MALLIK Active
42 undergraduate BAPPA BARMAN Active
43 undergraduate ARKA BANERJEE Active
44 undergraduate IMAMUL HAQUE Active
45 undergraduate ABHINAYAK CHAUHAN Active
46 undergraduate Aritra Chowdhury Active
47 undergraduate SOMA SAREN Active
48 undergraduate PRIYANKA KUMARI Active
49 undergraduate HIMANSHU PRASAD Active
50 undergraduate SUJOY MANDAL Active
51 undergraduate SWARAJ KUNDU Active
52 undergraduate ABDUL ANSARI Active
53 undergraduate SWETA Active
54 undergraduate SIDRA NASEEM Active
55 undergraduate SHAGUFTA SHAMSI Active
56 undergraduate Kamlesh Kumar Singh Active
57 undergraduate SHUBHANGANI RANJAN Active
58 undergraduate AYUSHI TIWARY Active
59 undergraduate VISHAL KUMAR SHARMA Active
60 undergraduate Akshat Sharma Active
61 undergraduate VAIBHAV ANAND Active
62 MBBS undergraduate PRASOON Active
63 undergraduate ANAND SHANKAR Active
64 undergraduate Madhav Shaw Active
65 undergraduate MANISHA Active
66 undergraduate AYUSH KUMAR Active
67 undergraduate SHEENA Active
68 undergraduate Govind Chaudhary Active
69 undergraduate ASHIK TOM Active
70 undergraduate SIDHARTH KUMAR BARANWAL Active
71 undergraduate GOVIND RAJ Active
72 undergraduate DEEPAK SOREN Active
73 undergraduate SHARANYA HALDAR Active
74 undergraduate SUCHISMITA MANDAL Active
75 undergraduate SAIONTIKA NANDI Active
76 undergraduate AHAN RAY Active
77 undergraduate DEBASISH MAJUMDER Active
78 undergraduate SHREYASI PRAMANIK Active
79 undergraduate RUBAN PATRA Active
80 undergraduate MANISHA SAHA Active
81 undergraduate RAHUL PRASAD Active
82 undergraduate SOUNAK SAMANTA Active
83 undergraduate Rudranil Datta Active
84 undergraduate DEEPAN KOUSAR Active
85 undergraduate RITURAJ MAZUMDER Active
86 undergraduate SHAYERI GHOSH Active
87 undergraduate DEBASISH SAHA Active
88 undergraduate RAJORSHI RAM Active
89 undergraduate ASHIQ UR RAHMAN Active
90 undergraduate Dipti Saha Active
91 undergraduate MAMUN RASHID ANSARI Active
92 undergraduate Dipoma Mazumdar Active
93 undergraduate Arkaprabha Saha Active
94 undergraduate DISHA AGARWAL Active
95 undergraduate IQBAL AHMED Active
96 undergraduate RAJASHREE KARAN Active
97 undergraduate SNEHA MITRA Active
98 undergraduate JIYAR TUDU Active
99 undergraduate TASHI YANGZOM TAMANG Active
100 undergraduate MINHAZ PARVIN Active
101 undergraduate Protiti Karmakar Active
102 undergraduate Tanmoy Sarma Active
103 undergraduate SHRESTHA BOSE Active
104 undergraduate SHREYASEE MANDAL Active
105 undergraduate FAEMA AHAMED Active
106 undergraduate Active
107 undergraduate SWAGATA BHAR Active
108 undergraduate AMRITA ARJYA Active
109 undergraduate JASMIN TARA Active
110 undergraduate suman KUMAR BISWAS Active
111 undergraduate TATHAGATA GHOSH Active
112 undergraduate AKSHI Active
113 undergraduate Madhurima Maity Active
114 undergraduate Kriti Sinha Active
115 undergraduate MANIRATNA MISRA Active
116 undergraduate Active
117 undergraduate Ayesha Akhter Active
118 undergraduate Aritra Roy Active
119 undergraduate RAJIB GHOSH Active
120 undergraduate Poulami Das Active
121 undergraduate SRIJITA JANA Active
122 undergraduate Tanya Dutta Active
123 undergraduate GIRBANI MANDAL Active
124 undergraduate HEMKANT KUMAR Active
125 undergraduate MANABENDRA HALDER Active
126 undergraduate RItambhara Active
127 undergraduate MR. M. HALDER Active
128 undergraduate MAYURAKSHI MANDAL Active
129 undergraduate MR. MANAB KUMAR HALDER Active
130 undergraduate NAVITA MEENA Active
131 undergraduate HALDER MANABENDRA Active
132 undergraduate Swetabja Sarkar Active
133 M.B.B.S undergraduate DEV DULAL SHRIVASTAVA Active
134 undergraduate JYOTIRBINA KARMAKAR Active
135 undergraduate SPANDAN CHAKRABARTI Active
136 undergraduate ANKUSH BISWAS Active
137 undergraduate MAINAK BHATTACHARYA Active
138 undergraduate Piyush Pranjal Active
139 undergraduate DIPAYAN KAR Active
140 undergraduate Devansh Rathi Active
141 undergraduate Jashaswi Bhattacharjee Active
142 undergraduate SUMAN PAL Active
143 undergraduate NANDINI NILOTPAL MAJUMDA Active
144 undergraduate Sagnik Kundu Active
145 undergraduate Udit Karmakar Active
146 undergraduate SASWATI BANERJEE Active
147 undergraduate DEBAPRIYA BAIDYA Active
148 undergraduate RAJSEKHAR CHATTOPADHYAY Active
149 undergraduate Sayon Kundu Active
150 undergraduate DWAIPAYAN ROY Active
151 undergraduate ABDUL AHAD Active
152 undergraduate SREETAMA SAHA Active
153 undergraduate SUMAN GHOSH Active
154 undergraduate Rouneel Sarkar Active
155 mbbs undergraduate Iman Bhunia Active
156 undergraduate Subhadip Santra Active
157 undergraduate PRAVA TEWARI Active
158 undergraduate Saroj Patra Active
159 undergraduate Debmalya Chakraborty Active
160 undergraduate Rumjhum Chakraborty Active
161 MBBS undergraduate Soumyojit Kumar Active
162 undergraduate Raja Ghosh Active
163 MBBS undergraduate PADMANAV CHATTERJEE Active
164 undergraduate TRISHA BHATTACHARYA Active
165 undergraduate SAGNIK SAHA Active
166 undergraduate SUPRATIM DAS Active
167 undergraduate ARYA GOUTAM SAHOO Active
168 undergraduate RITAM RAY Active
169 MBBS undergraduate Ishadri Mandal Active
170 undergraduate SOUMYAJIT BANERJEE Active
171 undergraduate TANUJA PANDA Active
172 undergraduate Aushmati Banerjee Active
173 undergraduate SUBHAM SARKAR Active
174 undergraduate Tathagata Chowdhury Active
175 undergraduate DATTATREYO MITRA Active
176 undergraduate Taushif Ahammed Active
177 undergraduate UDIT GUPTA Active
178 undergraduate SUJAY SARKAR Active
179 undergraduate MAHAKASH RAKSHIT Active
180 undergraduate Debojyoti Roy Active
181 undergraduate SWANAM BARAL Active
182 undergraduate ASMITA KUMAR Active
183 undergraduate POULAMI MISRA Active
184 undergraduate AKASH SEN Active
185 undergraduate ARANYA MANDAL Active
186 undergraduate SRESTHA CHATTERJEE Active
187 undergraduate TARA SHANKAR PAUL Active
188 undergraduate SOUMYADEEP KHAN Active
189 undergraduate ANKUSH BISWAS Active
190 undergraduate UPASONA PANDAY Active
191 undergraduate WAKAR NASIM SARKAR Active
192 undergraduate PARNA DAS Active
193 undergraduate ASMAUL HOSSAIN Active
194 undergraduate Shubhadip Bhattacharyya Active
195 undergraduate RAJDIP KUMAR SAHA Active
196 undergraduate HRITTIKA SAHA Active
197 undergraduate AMRAPALI NAG Active
198 undergraduate SATYAJIT BARMAN Active
199 undergraduate SAMIR KUMAR SARKAR Active
200 undergraduate KASHIF KAMAAL Active
201 undergraduate Ankita Roy Active
202 undergraduate SOUMYADEEP PAL Active
203 undergraduate Somesh Kanti Saha Active
204 undergraduate SOUMYANETRA LODH Active
205 undergraduate PRITHWISH MANDAL Active
206 undergraduate RAUNAK SAHA Active
207 undergraduate WASIF KAMAAL Active
208 undergraduate SAMIM IKBAL Active
209 undergraduate SOUMYADEEP CHATTERJEE Active
210 undergraduate ANWESA MANDAL Active
211 undergraduate RUSHMI RAY Active
212 undergraduate SK KUMAR KOLIMUDDIN Active
213 undergraduate RUSHMI Chandra RAY Active
214 undergraduate JISHNU BHATTACHARYA Active
215 undergraduate AAYUSHI GANGULY Active
216 undergraduate Tryphena Tamang Active
217 undergraduate BIPASHA PAL Active
218 undergraduate ANIRBAN MUKHERJEE Active
219 undergraduate Raiwanth Subba Active
220 undergraduate SAHABUDDIN SHAIKH Active
221 undergraduate Gourab Tarafdar Active
222 undergraduate AMRITA PAL Active
223 undergraduate Surat Ali Molla Active
224 undergraduate MADHURIMA ROY Active
225 undergraduate SAMRAT DUTTA Active
226 undergraduate Poulami Mukhopadhyay Active
227 undergraduate Santanu Das Active
228 undergraduate SAKET RAJ Active
229 undergraduate DEBADITTYA SARKAR Active
230 undergraduate SWAPNANIL JANA Active
231 MBBS undergraduate Pratik Prasad Saha Active
232 undergraduate SOUMYADEEP NANDI Active
233 undergraduate SURAJIT MONDAL Active
234 undergraduate ARPAN DAS Active
235 undergraduate SANKHA SUBHRA NATH Active
236 undergraduate ANKAN MISTRI Active
237 undergraduate AAKASH AHMED Active
238 undergraduate AMAJIT MUKHERJEE Active
239 undergraduate Asit Roy Active
240 undergraduate Jagrit Maiti Active
241 undergraduate SOUVIK BISWAS Active
242 undergraduate MANSI AGARWAL Active
243 undergraduate DEBADEEP DUTTA Active
244 undergraduate Anshul Prasad Active
245 undergraduate KRISHNA DEY Active
246 undergraduate SARBANI MODAK Active
247 undergraduate SOUJANNYA BOSE Active
248 MBBS undergraduate Active
249 undergraduate ARITRA HALDAR Active
250 undergraduate Romit Kumar Samanta Active
251 undergraduate SUBHRAJYOTI NALUI Active
252 undergraduate SUBHAJIT SENAPATI Active
253 undergraduate SHREEJA DUTTA Active
254 undergraduate AYONIL NANDI Active
255 undergraduate Mayank kumar das Active
256 undergraduate Samim Aktar Active
257 undergraduate SONALI JAISWAL Active
258 undergraduate LISHA BISWAS Active
259 undergraduate EKTIAR UDDIN AHAMED Active
260 undergraduate SANDEEP BISWAS Active
261 undergraduate TANIA BISWAS Active
262 undergraduate AMENA KHATUN Active
263 undergraduate ATUQUE BIKRAM HALSANA Active
264 undergraduate JARMAN SEIKH Active
265 undergraduate Samadrita Sanyal Active
266 undergraduate Aritra Bhattacharjee Active