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OSCE in Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat), First edition; Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd; April 2023-Authors: Dr. Sumanta Kumar Dutta and Dr. Sanchari Nandi.


1. Applications of platelet Rich Plasma in Chronic Ulces of head and Neck - A Prospective study. Dr. Sutirtha Saha, Dr. Biswajit Sikder, Dr. Trailokeswar Prusti, Dr. Kanishka Chowdhury, Dr. Pranabashish Banerjee, International Journal of Scientific Research, 1 st August 2023

2. A Study of Endonasal Dacrocystorhinostomy with Prolene Stent - Experience. 17 July 2023. Dr. Indranil Khatua, Alokendu Bose, Indranath Kundu, Debarshi Jana, Research Journal of Medical Sciences

3. Inferior turbinoplasty-microdebrider assisted vs radio frequency assisted - a comparative study, IJAK, Feb 2023. Dr. Kanishka Chowdhury, Dr.Anirban Ghosh, Dr. Sudipta Pal.

4. Combined intratympanic and systemic steroid for the treatment of idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loSS- a comparative study, IJAR, march 2023. Dr. Kanishka Chowdhury, Dr.Anirban Ghosh, Dr.Sutirtha Saha, Dr. Sudipta Pal.

5. A case of glial heterotrophic involving root of nose - a rarity, IJAR, eb 2023. Dr.Sutirtha Saha, Dr.Pranabashish Banerjee, Dr.Kanishka Chowdhury, Biswajit Sikder

6. Rhino-cerebrospinal-orbital mucormycosis in CoVID 19 pandemic- our expeience in a tertiary care institute, IJAR, April 2023.

7. Endoscopic septoplasty in a Peripheral Set-up. Int. J. LifeSci Biotechnol. Pharma. Res. DrParomita Roy Chandra, Dr.Kanishka Chowdhury, DrMainak Chandra, Dr.Chandrayee Banerjee. Feb 2023.

8 Endoscopic prelacrimal recess approach for the benign maxillary sinus pathologies involving anteromedial wall, IJAR, May 2023. Dr.Mithun Karak, Dr.Prashata Kumar Gure.

9. Tinnitus in COVID 19 Era - A study on its ass0ciation with SARS-CoV-2 and its outcome. BJOHNS. August 2022. Paromita Mukherjee, Misabahul Haque, Prasanta Kumar Gure, Sarvesh Premanand Azgaonkar.

10. Treatrnent of tinnítus with Intratympanic Injection of Dexamethasone versus oral drugs, IJOHNS, April 2023.DrAroita Mohanty, Dr.Monoj Mukherjee, Dr.Siddhartha Kumar Das, Dr.Biswait Sikder


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Faculty Details

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Image Name Department Designation Email ID Phone Address Publications Services
Dr Anupam Roy (M.S, Otolaryngology) Otorhinolaryngology Assistant Professor N/A ViewView
Dr Sumanta Kumar Dutta (M.S, Otolaryngology) Otorhinolaryngology Professor & Head N/A --
Dr Biswajit Sikder (M.S, Otolaryngology) Otorhinolaryngology Professor N/A - View
Dr Pranabasish Banerjee (M.S, Otolaryngology) Otorhinolaryngology Associate Professor N/A ViewView

Residents Details

Image Name Department Position Address Publications Services
Dr Indranil Khatua (M.S, Otolaryngology) Otorhinolaryngology RMO cum Cl. Tutor N/A ViewView
Dr. Trailokeswar Prusti Otorhinolaryngology Post Graduate Trainees (3rd Year) N/A --
Dr. Md. Nadeem Hasan, Dr. Veeus Nag Mukherjee, Dr. Tripti Mandal Otorhinolaryngology Post Graduate Trainees (2nd Year) N/A --
Dr. Sanchari Nandi, Dr. Paroma Mukherjee, Dr. Mithun Karak Otorhinolaryngology Senior Resident N/A --
Dr. Raghav Gupta, Dr. Ayan Biswas, Dr. Kahkasha Alam, Dr. Siddhanta Saha Otorhinolaryngology Post Graduate Trainees (1st Year) N/A --

Non Teaching Staff

Image Name Department Position Address
Mr. Pradip Biswas Otorhinolaryngology LDC N/A