Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College & Hospital (NRSMC&H)


Committee for Research Promotion


            Dr Ranjan Kumar Sharma, Professor & Head of Cardiology;


            Dr Ananya Mandal, Associate Professor of Pharmacology;


            Dr Anup Kumar Roy, Professor of Pathology;

            Dr Milan Chakraborty, Professor of Medicine;

            Dr Utpal De, Professor of Surgery;

            Dr Soma Gupta, Professor & Head of Biochemistry;

            Dr Nilanjan Sengupta, Professor & Head of Endocrinology;

            Dr Tuphan Kanti Dolai, Professor & Head of Hematology;

            Dr Swagata Ganguly, Professor &Head of Microbiology;

            Dr Biswanath Basu, Associate Professor of Pediatrics;

            Mr Somnath Nath, Accounts Officer.